‘It is a living breathing creature, with boundless energy and enthusiasm for the new – an adventure in itself’, says Kristjan Järvi.MORE »

The Oberon Trio delights equally with well-established and rarely performed masterpieces, from the pioneers of piano trios in the 18th century to today’s music. Each of its programmes tells a vivid story that is conveyed to the audience not only through rousing interpretations, but also through personal moderation.MORE »

Classical Music isn’t a monopoly of the western world. The Aga Khan Music Initiative and its top-level musicians from the Near and the Far East, from Africa and countries of the former Soviet Union present their rich and varied musical heritage to the world. Performing at Mosel Musikfestival in August 2019.MORE »

The Norwegian group 1B1 belongs to the new generation of European ensembles. Independent and flexible in structure, its members are always searching for new approaches and forms to enable everyone to experience the power of classical music.MORE »

Since 2010, every year on the 9th of November Berlin has hosted the State of Europe speeches, where prominent representatives of the European Union discuss fundamental questions, ideas and challenges pertaining to the European project. After their performance on 9th November 2014, in 2017 the European Youth Orchestra again accompanied the State of Europe Speech.MORE »

Myths & Legends was the motto of this year’s Singapore International Festival of Music. In October 2016, the festival brought together Southeast Asia’s finest young musicians and prominent professional artists from around the world.MORE »

With the motto Crossroads, internationally acclaimed artists and young musicians from around the world came together on the Greek island of Lesbos for a unique and extraordinary chamber music festival from 16-19 August 2016.MORE »

“Have we ever heard Beethoven’s Fate Symphony being played at such lightning speed and full of blazing confidence and good spirits as in this case and by these exceptional musicians, inspired and possessed by this music and its transformational spirit?!” (André Sokolowski in kultura-extra.de)MORE »

In November 2014, the European Union Youth Orchestra celebrated the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall with a marathon series of concerts. After a week full of music, the orchestra members joined thousands of others to become part of the Berlin Lichtgrenze [Border of Lights] project. #fallofthewall25MORE »