Mozart y Mambo

Sarah Willis_José Antonio Méndez Padrón_Havana Lyceum Orchestra©Monika Rittershaus
Sarah Willis_José Antonio Méndez Padrón_Havana Lyceum Orchestra©Monika Rittershaus
Sarah Willis @ Monika Ritterhaus

Sarah Willis, the charismatic horn player of the Berlin Philharmonic, and the Lyceum Orchestra showcase how Mozart could sound in the Caribbean with their successful project “Mozart y Mambo.” Originally founded by Pepe Méndez and his friends and classmates from the ISA (Instituto Superior de Artes) and ENA (Escuelas Nacionales de Arte), the orchestra brings a unique blend of classical and Caribbean influences.

With the support of the renowned Balthasar-Neumann Ensemble, the orchestra gained significant recognition with the release of their first Mozart y Mambo album. The Mozart y Mambo project combines the rhythmic music of Mozart with the vibrant joy of Cuba, captivating people all around the world during their tours.



„He (Mozart) would certainly have liked this lively approach.“

Tagesspiegel Berlin, 12 August 2023

„I was similarly impressed by the elegance and flair of the Cuban sections – some of them riffs on Mozart, while others are drawn from traditional Cuban songs and dances.“

Gramophone Magazin, May 2023

„The incredible energy and rhythmic sensibility of the young and talented orchestral musicians was captured wonderfully.“

BR Klassik, 18 July 2020

Project 2025/26

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Mozart y Mambo – with Sarah Willis in Kuba

A unique musical encounter in Havana: The successful project with Sarah Willis combines popular solo pieces for the horn by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with traditional Cuban music. The program includes music from the first three released CDs.