Andreas Richter Cultural Consulting, directed by its owner, advises and represents international artistic organizations – particularly orchestras, opera houses and concert promoters – in strategy and management questions. With an international network, we represent selected ensembles, dance companies and projects throughout Europe.MORE »


We wish a merry Christmas, joyful holidays and a very happy, healthy and sucessful 2018 to all our artists, colleagues and friends!MORE »

ECHO KLASSIK 2017 © BVMI / Oliver Walterscheid

With their recording “Telemann”, Il Giardino Armonico and Giovanni Antonini spent tribune to the 250th anniversary of the death of Georg Philipp Telemann. The recording was highly acclaimed by public and press and was honoured with several renowned prizesMORE »

MusicAeterna copyright_

The miracle of Perm to be experienced in Bruxelles, Germany, Italy and Switzerland from 7th March to 13th April 2017. “Currentzis and musicAeterna currently represent the ultmate of historically informed performance practice.” (Der Standard, 2016)MORE »

© Markus Werner

On September 5, Radialsystem V celebrated its 10th anniversary. And nothing less than the future of culture itself was on the agenda, in the form of 10 challenges – one for each year that this cultural center in a former pump station on the River Spree has existed. Some toughts of Andreas Richter about the discussion he led on 5th September at the #Radialforum.MORE »

© Marco Borggreve
The Freiburger Barockorchster (FBO) ranks among the most important and renowned historical performance ensembles in Europe. With its most refined and brilliant sound, its profoundly designed programmes and its enthusiastic way of playing, the ensemble inspires international public and press alike.


"The finest chamber orchestra in the world" (BBC 2 Television) - © Eric Richmond

“The finest orchestra in the world” enthused BBC2 Television and famous conductor Nicolaus Harnoncourt who called it “a great adventure group” because of its musical perfection as well as for its artistic variety, the Chamber Orchestra of Europe (COE) is considered to be one of the most important orchestras in Europe.MORE »

© Olga Rumyova

“Music as authentic as real life, rough edges and all” was the enthusiastic response of Deutschlandfunk’s critic to musicAeterna’s 2015 CD containing works by Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky. Together with Teodor Currentzis, musicAeterna from the Russian city of Perm (Ural) continues to amaze international audiences with virtuosity, unbridled enthusiasm, and spectacular concert performances. Back in Europe in April 2018!MORE »

Swan Lake  - © Anton Zavyalov

Besides the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow and the Marinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, the Perm Ballet is known as “third Russian Mekka in the world of Ballet”. Its breathtaking productions combine the great traditions of classical ballet gently with modern and contemporary influences.MORE »


Since its founding in 1977 the Eifman Ballet St. Petersburg as well  its founder Boris Eifman himself are internationally praised for the innovative choices of music and literary sources and for the audacity and strength of his vocabulary of movement.MORE »


Classical Music isn’t a monopoly of the western world. The Aga Khan Music Initiative and its top-level musicians from the Near and the Far East, from Africa and countries of the former Soviet Union present their rich and varied musical heritage to the world.MORE »

EUYO in Berln 2014
© Bernjamin Pritzukuleit

On the 9th day of November in every year since 2010, Berlin has hosted the State of Europe speeches, where prominent representatives of the European Union discuss fundamental questions, ideas, and challenges pertaining to the European project.After their performance on 9th November 2014, the European Youth Orchestra again accompanied this year’s State of Europe speech.MORE »

We advise and represent international arts organizations – with an emphasis on orchestras, operas and concert promoters – in areas of strategic planning and profiling, fundraising, communication and organization. Based on an international network, we bring together the orchestras and ensembles that we represent with promoters across Europe.MORE »

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