Il Giardino Armonico © Alberto Panzani

The Seasons

Since 2014, Il Giardino Armonico and Giovanni Antonini have been diving deep into the extensive oeuvre of Josef Haydn as part of their Haydn2032 project, and with the recordings they have presented to date, the cleverly conceived programmes and their sensational interpretations, they have contributed to changing the general reception of Haydn in a lasting way. In 2019, they set standards with a series of performances and the recording of the “Creation” – now the “Seasons” will follow.

03. September 2023, LUCERNE FESTIVAL
05. September 2023, Beethovenfest Bonn
07. September 2023, Musikfest Bremen
19 September 2023, De Singel Antwerpen
Anett Fritsch, soprano / Maximilian Schmitt, tenor / Florian Boesch, bass / National Forum of Music Choir Wroclaw / Il Giardino Armonico / Giovanni Antonini, Conductor
J. Haydn: “The Seasons” Hob. XXI:3