October 2023

27 September –
1 October

B’Rock Orchestra
with René Jacobs, direction // Vilde Frang, violin

»Mendelssohn – a new journey«

With performances and recordings of Schubert’s complete symphonies, B’Rock and René Jacobs started a symphonic journey which they now take one step further in time: together they explore the world of Felix Mendelssohn. With his stormy First Symphony, with feet firmly planted in Viennese classicism but looking resolutely ahead, the young composer already showed himself to be a master who could effortlessly combine nuance, swagger and innovation. The same ingredients characterise his famous Fifth Symphony, which he wrote in honour of the 300th anniversary of the Confession of Augsburg, a key document of Protestantism. If the urge is really too great, you can (softly) hum along with Luther’s famous chorale Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott… The highlight of this Mendelssohn programme is undoubtedly the famous Violin Concerto. With its tenderness, roguish wit and grace, the concerto fits Vilde Frang like a glove.

Felix Mendelssohn:
Symphonies no. 1 & 5
Violinconcerto in E minor

Line-up: number of musicians tbc

1 – 7 October /

Vox Luminis Choir and Orchestra
with Lionel Meunier, bass & direction // Stefanie True, soprano // Raffaele Giordani, tenor // Emilie Lauwers, stage direction

»Rappresentatione di anima e di corpo«

E. da Cavalieri: Rappresentatione di Anima e di Corpo

16 singers, 16 instruments

4 – 7 October

Freiburger Barockorchester
with Gottfried von der Goltz, concertmaster


Programme includes among others:
J. Haydn: one London Symphony

orchestration: XX instrumentalists (tbc)

4 October –
9 November

Chaarts Chamber Artists
with Jonian Ilias Kadesha, violin


Antonio Vivaldi: Violin Concerto in D major, RV 208
Giovanni Sollima: Moghul for violin, Flauto Dolce, b.c. and strings Fortuna (world premiere 2023)
Igor Stravinsky: „Suite italienne“ for violin and strings

10 or 14 instrumentalists

13 – 15 October

Freiburger Barockorchester
with Miriam Feuersinger, soprano / Georg Poplutz, tenor


S. Scheidt: Galliard Battaglia XXI from Ludi Musici
H. Albert: “O der rauhen Grausamkeit”
S. Scheidt: Courante à4 from Ludi musici
E. Kindermann: “Ach Herr, wie lange haben wir”
J. H. Schein: Suite No. 6 in A minor from Banchetto Musicale
E. Kindermann: “Ich hab einen guten Kampff gekämpfft”
M. Franck: “Wenn euer Sünd”
J. Schop: Lachrymae Pavane
J. Vierdanck: Passamezzo
A. Hammerschmidt: “Es danken dir, Gott, die Völker”
H. Schütz: “Lobet den Herrn” from Symphonie Sacrae II
S. Scheidt: Bergamasca from Ludi Musici
H. Schütz: “Der Herr ist mein Licht” and “Es steh Gott auf” from SS II

Freiburger BarockConsort: 10 instrumentalists

20 – 29 October

B’Rock Orchestra
with Dorothee Oberlinger, artistic director & recorders

»Repeat« (working titel)

Linear or circular, finite or eternal. Composers of all times and regions were also fascinated by the irresolvable dichotomy, the duality between the rectilinear or circular nature of time, and set to work with the contrast. Through ritornellos, themes, patterns and repetitions, they played with time in music, which is by definition temporary – and therefore linear? B’Rock focuses on the circular principle in music. In a swirling programme that spans eight centuries of music, the idea of repetition is paramount. B’Rock concludes with a typical passacaglia from the Baroque era, the repertoire that started it all for the orchestra. The circle is complete.

Hildegard von Bingen: Antiphon “O Ecclesia”
Konstantia Gourzi: Messages between trees
Philipp Glass: Company
Dorothée Hahne: Commentari 3 (uit “O Ecclesia”)
Arvo Pärt: Summa
Luciano Berio: Gesti
György Ligeti: Continuum
Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto in G RV 101
Francesco Geminiani: Concerto Grosso „Follia” naar Corelli, opus 5 no. 12
Jean-Baptiste Lully: Uit „Armide“ LWV 71: Passacaille (Act V)

number of musicians tbc

27 + 28 October

Freiburger Barockorchester
with Robin Ticciati, direction / n.n., soloist

Chr. W. Gluck: Ouverture to “Alceste”
H. Berlioz: “La Mort de Cleopatre”
L. v. Beethoven: Symphony No. 3 “Eroica”

orchestration: XX instrumentalists (tbc)