November 2022

7 – 10 November

La Folia Barockorchester
with Robin Peter Müller, violin and direction / Anna Prohaska, soprano, bass-bariton / n.n. SAT

»Celebration of Life in Death – Music (not only) in times of the plague«

Pandemics have always had an influence on the production of art. This program focusses on music from about 500 years reflecting the suffering from plague and other epidemics in cantatas, arias, funeral music, dances and popular songs. In the end all of them share the same message: the commitment to life!

with works by Oswald von Wolkenstein, Guillaume de Machaut, Reinhard Keiser, Johann Heinrich Schmelzer, Christoph Graupner, Francesco Cavalli, Henry Purcell, Barbara Strozzi, Salamone Rossi amongst others

Crossover supplement on request: songs by Leonard Cohen (Hallelujah), City (Am Fenster) and The Beatles (Eleanor Rigby)

Line-up: 9-10 musicians, soprano

23 November

Freiburger Barockorchester
with Kristian Bezuidenhout, organ & direction / Grace Davidson, soprano / Rachel Redmond, soprano / Alexander Chance, alto / Sam Boden, tenor / Hugo Hymas, tenor / David Shipley, bass

»Welcome to all pleasures II«

with works by Henry Purcell und Georg Friedrich Händel

Line-up: 19 musicians