Molyvos International Music Festival

© Jean Francois Renaud
© Dorothea Dimitriou
© Thomas Karanikas
© Dorothea Dimitrio

The Molyvos International Music Festival (MIMF) was founded in 2015 by the German-Greek pianists Danae and Kiveli Dörken and the young entrepreneur Dimitris Tryfon. Since then, the focus has been on ensuring the high quality of the festival held annually in Lesbos and its year-round musical youth support program “Musical Key”. The aim is to offer classical music on a world-class level for residents and visitors to the island, to promote cross-border cultural cooperation and an intercultural dialogue, as well as to support the development of the region as a cultural center with specially designed mediation and inclusion measures.

MIMF unites young musicians from all over the world and world stars of classical music to exclusive chamber music ensembles. The central venue is the medieval castle of Molyvos, in addition, there will be pre-festival activities with free entrances on the two islands Lesbos and Chios, short special concerts (“Molyvos Musical Moments”) in public places on Molyvos and a moderated children’s concert followed by a meeting between audience and the artist. Every year, the program deals with a topic that reflects the rich Greek culture and puts it in a current context; In 2020, the motto “Odyssey” illuminates the subject of flight and migration. A deeper engagement with it takes place in the context of a public symposium. Since 2018, the Tryfon Arts Residency has been part of the interdisciplinary festival.

After “Metamorphoses”, “Crossroads”, “Catharsis”, “Genesis” and “Dia-logos”, „odyssey“ the festival 2021 illuminated the thematic complex „ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑ – LIBERTY – FREIHEIT“.

The festival edition “ODYSSEE” from 11 to 19 August 2022 is inspired by Homer’s epic about Odysseus’ adventure journey, which Danae and Kiveli, as Greek women, have known by heart since childhood. “We all know the story, which is a symbol of human willpower, strength and inventiveness. […] With this theme, we want to shine a spotlight on the journeys people embark on in the most difficult and unpredictable circumstances in the hope of a better future.”

For MIMF 2022, Danae and Kiveli have invited over 15 companions from the international classical music scene. Among them are violinists Antje Weithaas and Clemence de Forceville, cellist Benedict Kloeckner, clarinettist Sebastian Manz, violist Adrien La Marca, guitarist Petrit Ceku and soprano Danae Kontora.