Happy holidays and cheers to 2023!

Another turbulent and eventful year lies behind us – while on the one hand we are pleased and relieved to note that, despite the pandemic, music can once again take place under the usual conditions, on the other hand the war in Ukraine and its consequences have presented us with new questions and challenges. So we can hardly speak of a “return to normality”, but rather a “different normality”, which is characterised by the fact that it does not seem so “normal”. As a society and as individuals, in both professional and private contexts, we have to adapt to big and small, slow and fast, fundamental and less significant changes – and are always faced with the choice of seeing them as a challenge or an opportunity.

We are grateful to be able to look back on a year that has brought us challenges, but also many exciting opportunities: our team has grown and been able to develop new skills, and more ensembles have joined us; artists who are breaking new ground with new ideas and showing that change can also mean enrichment – including the Babylon Orchestra, the franz ensemble, Elina Albach’s Continuum and the Phantasm Viol Consort.

Before we start our Christmas holidays, we would like to give you a short preview of the upcoming concerts we are looking forward to:

⭐︎ Freiburg Baroque Orchestra and Vox Luminis
⭐︎ Il Giardino Armonico and Isabelle Faust
⭐︎ Oberon Trio and Ian Bostridge
⭐︎ and further concerts in January and February.

But most of all, we would like to wish you all happy and relaxing holidays & a Happy New Year 2023!

Andreas Richter, Andrea Kerner, Julia Larigo, Michael Sauter, Daniela Gast, Capucine Valois & Benjamin Kaiser