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It is no coincidence that we are introducing our new Blog at the beginning of the concert season, since late summer marks the true beginning of the New Year in the music world. The numerous summer festivals are often an exception to this rule, but this time around these also begin in the second half of August and belong more to the season 16/17 than to the season preceding.

Hier beginnt die Saison: Das Molyvos International Music Festival.
The beginning of our season this year is the Molyvos International Music Festival.

Our summer break was not only spent on holiday (though we did that, too!), we also used the time to improve our Internet presence, the center of which is of course our website, Here you can find information concerning the agency and our projects, as well as news of the artists, partners, and employees whose work and dedication give our organization color, form, and fantasy.


We will use this News Blog to keep our readers informed about our current projects as well as new and exciting developments in the international music world. We will also discuss important questions of cultural politics, interesting aspects of cultural and orchestral management, significant specialized literature, and innovative concert and outreach formats. To open up a forum for discussion and exchange, we are looking forward to your questions and replys. Feel free to comment and to share your thoughts with us!

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