Baltic Sea Philharmonic (Kristjan Järvi)

© Peter Adamik

The Baltic Sea Philharmonic is a unique community of creative and talented musicians who dare to be different, question the existing, confidently break through boundaries and discover new freedom. The classic concert experience is brought into new dimensions with innovative techniques and the integration of the latest technologies: Each concert is a sensational spectacle that allows sound and light design, projection art and choreography to merge. The musicians also play the entire program by heart, creating a special concert experience. Under the stirring direction of its artistic director and founding conductor Kristjan Järvi, these concerts emanate an infectious passion and energy. As a community of musicians from ten Nordic countries, the Baltic Sea Philharmonic has become a movement that unites people across borders. By embodying all of the innovative and progressive power of the North, the ensemble continues the traditional understanding of the orchestra than ever before. “The Baltic Sea Philharmonic is a living, breathing being with limitless energy, curiosity and enthusiasm for the new – an unprecedented adventure,” summarizes Kristjan Järvi.

Born in Estonia, Kristjan Järvi playfully leaves musical genres and boundaries behind. In 1993 he founded the New York Absolute Ensemble, a band that combines jazz, hip-hop, electro and classical. Kristjan Järvi has been music director since the foundation of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic twelve years ago and has made it his mission to renew the traditional orchestral model with innovative approaches and the courage to take risks.

The Baltic Sea Philharmonic and Kristjan Järvi guarantee exceptional and varied concert experiences in all these projects – everything without notes, everything by heart, revolutionary in the orchestral world.



“The members of the orchestra embody international understanding; they use music as a timeless language that can be understood across borders. ”

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany

“Clearly different league.” 

Hamburger Abendblatt