Compagnia di Punto – Beethoven en miniature

As part of the Ludwig van Beethoven Year 2020 – the 250th anniversary of the birth of the German-born Viennese master -, the Compagnia di Punto has made a recording of his first three symphonies. How is this special?

A remarkable aspect of this recording is that Beethoven’s symphonies, today considered as untouchable and virtually sacred monuments, are here performed by the Compagnia di Punto in arrangements realized by Beethoven’s contemporaries for a chamber ensemble made up of only ten instrumentalists. While this may be considered an affront to some purists, this recording will be welcomed by classical music fans with an open mind as an absolute rarity. On one hand, original arrangements of famous works reveal how loosely the “musical pantheon” could be treated during Beethoven’s time; on the other hand, they manage to cast a completely new light on musical works that are known inside out. With exceptional works such as Beethoven’s symphonies, this is an especially rewarding undertaking. Nominated for an OPUS Klassik 2020 in the category “Ensemble/Orchestra of the year”!

Founded in 2010, the Compagnia di Punto is a historical performance practice ensemble that interprets music from the baroque to the early romantic period in fluid transitions between chamber ensemble and orchestral formation. In addition to the standard repertoire of these periods, the musicians devote themselves to the discovery of unknown and rarely performed repertoire orchestrated for flutes, horns and strings.

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From the (german) press:
“Ein hervorragendes Ensemble eröffnet uns neue Perspektive auf Beethovens Sinfonien 1 bis 3.” – Raliza Nikolov auf  NDR Kultur (CD der Woche vom 21. Februar 2020)
“Eine sehr spannende CD”, findet Elisabeth auf WDR3.
Christian Binde, Gründer und Leiter der Compagnia di Punto. im Gespräch mit Christoph Schmitz auf Deutschlandfunk
“Geistesgegenwart und Vitalität von neun phantastisch motivierten Spielern reißen den Hörer hinein in die symphonische Kammer(gebrauchs)musik von einst…”, urteilt Wolfgang Schreiber in der Süddeutschen Zeitung.
“Fazit: Auf jeden Fall spannend!” – Dr. Ingobert Waltenberger auf onlineMerker.