1B1 (Jan Bjøranger)

The violinist is Jan Bjøranger, and the orchestra is 1B1. From the ensemble’s first public performance in 2008, its hallmarks are audible: a tight, smooth sound with a dash of fizz and noticeable sense of rhythm – of groove. Never, Bjøranger decides, will the desire to express emotion be sacrificed on the altar of perfection – whether the music is by Vivaldi, Mozart, Shostakovich or Reich. Taking the lead from rock, jazz and world musicians, the ensemble will remove music stands wherever possible – eliminating the barrier between performers and fans.

© Peter Adamik
© Peter Adamik

Jan Bjøranger is one of Scandinavias leading ensemble directors and violinists and is the founding artistic director of the ensemble 1B1. He is a creative artist who lives his life between tutoring and performing. He collaborates regularly with artists like Leif Ove Andsnes, Lars Anders Tomter, Yejin Gil, Clemens Hagen, Benjamin Schmid, Christian Ihle Hadland, Kristjan Järvi and Steven Sloane.

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