Culture and politics – recommendation paper

For many years CEO Andreas Richter has been engaged in voluntary work for the civic trust „Stiftung Zukunft Berlin“. As leader of the foundations internal initiative „Forum Zukunft Kultur“ he has co-formulated a policy statement regarding culture-political guidelines and political culture that was published on the occasion of the pending coalition talks in January 2018. The central demand remains that there is an establishment of an own ministry of culture with various fields of responsibilities.

„Forum Zukunft Kultur“ supports the development of new and future-orientated strategies for arts and culture in Berlin. Among other activities, the forum undertook a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis for all relevant aspects of the cultural life in Berlin, and obtained recommendations for action across all aspects of the cultural scene and cultural politicians. Politicians of all parties of the parliament and the government are regularly invited to discuss upcoming subjects and strategies – and also challenged to name and develop arts and culture as substantial quality of the city and as a major driving factor for growth. (source:

Read the complete statement here.

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