1B1 (Jan Bjøranger)

© Peter Adamik

Performing in the field of classical music it’s easy to fall under the spell of the past. This is not the case for the young and innovative Norwegian string ensemble 1B1. The group was founded in 2008 by visionary violinist and artistic leader Jan Bjøranger, and assembled from a pool of outstanding professional and student musicians from southwestern Norway – each marked-out by a desire to learn, a willingness to work and a passion for music in all its forms. 1B1 is actively expanding the the repertoire and possibilities in classical music, rather than following the rule book handed down from earlier generations. From 1B1’s first public performance in 2008, its hallmarks were audible: a tight, smooth sound with a dash of fizz and noticeable sense of rhythm – of groove. Taking the lead from rock, jazz and world musicians, the ensemble removes music stands wherever possible – eliminating the barrier between performers and fans. This is the kind of attitude that has led to a Norwegian Grammy for their Holberg Variations album, as well as collaborative efforts with composers and musicians like Arvo Pärt, Steve Reich, Clemens Hagen, and Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche, among others. For more information, visit www.1b1.no.

© Peter Adamik
© Peter Adamik

Violinist Jan Bjøranger is the visionary founder and artistic director of 1B1. As a professor and head of the string department at the University of Stavanger, Bjøranger occupies a prominent position among Norwegian musicians, as well as pursuing a very active career as a performing artist. The joint focus on progressive tutorial and innovative performance and is at the heart of Bjørangers engagement with 1B1, and is what has turned a predomianantely student based string orchestra into one of the freshest classical acts around.


14 October 2016, Singapore International Festival of Music, works by Grieg, Piazolla, Vivaldi

31 October 2016, Ferrara Musica, works by Bartók, Shostakovich, Haydn and Grieg



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